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Squeaky Cleaning for Facilities and Bathrooms, Large and Small

Bathrooms are high-traffic areas, and without daily cleaning, they harbor germs and harmful bacteria. No matter the size or amount of bathrooms, our team will keep them clean, organized, and well-stocked. To keep restrooms fresh and prevent germs, they should be cleaned daily.

While quantity is important, so is quality! A restroom that is cleaned daily but done poorly won’t get the job done right. A bathroom may look clean, but without proper disinfectant and cleaning all surfaces, it isn’t truly clean. Our team disinfects all high-touch areas like door handles, faucet handles, flush handles, soap dispensers, and more. Toilets and urinals are the dirtiest part of the bathroom, so they need to be cleaned properly.

Daily cleaning is important, but deep cleaning is too! Scrubbing grout, cleaning drains, dusting vents, and washing walls and stalls every so often keeps restrooms looking their best.

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For both residential and commercial buildings, we offer window washing, floor stripping and waxing, painting, and power washing to get your space back in shape.

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