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Keeping Your Building Clean and Professional

What are day porter services?

Day porters are employees who are typically on site when customers or employees are in the building, and their tasks can vary, but their purpose is to keep the space clean and presentable.

As day porters, we complete tasks such as:

  • Restocking paper towels and toilet paper in bathrooms
  • Keeping public areas neat
  • Perform minor maintenance
  • Clean high-touch point areas
  • Clean up spills and other messes
  • Assist in meeting setup/take down

There is some overlap between what a day porter and a custodian does, but the difference is that as day porters, we remain on-site during the day, whereas custodians typically do cleaning in evenings or off-hours. Day porters make sure your space is professional and taken care of throughout the day and are on-hand to take care of messes when they occur.

Other Services

For both residential and commercial buildings, we offer window washing, floor stripping and waxing, painting, and power washing to get your space back in shape.

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