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Cleaning Commercial Mats for High-Traffic Areas

Designed for use in commercial applications, commercial matting gets dirty easily with all the foot traffic coming through. Stores, offices, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities all use mats for different reasons, and they all need regular cleanings.

Entrance mats, for example, are essential to keeping floors clean as customers and employees come and go through the building, and since they’re the first defense, they need frequent cleanings in order to continue to do their job. Mats absorb a lot of water, dirt, salt, and other debris from the outside, and dirty floor mats don’t provide a good first impression for customers.

Whether you need cleaning for salon mats, entrance mats, kitchen mats, or non-slip mats, we’re up to the task.

Tile/Grout Cleaning

Over time, floor tiles in the office can start to look dull, dirty, and discolored due to being a higher traffice area. Dirt and other debris get trapped within the pores of tile and grout, which is tougher to remove with off-the-shelf cleaning products. Squeaky Services will restore your floors to their natural shine with professional cleaning methods. We are dedicated to a high standard of service when cleaning flooring tile, grout, or stone flooring.

Other Services

For both residential and commercial buildings, we offer window washing, floor stripping and waxing, painting, and power washing to get your space back in shape.

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