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Going Deeper Than Sweeping and Vacuuming

From the moment you walk into a business, typically the first thing you notice is the floor. Especially in Minnesota, flooring suffers from harsh winters and unpredictable summers. Every so often, hardwood flooring or carpeting in a business needs a little more attention. That’s where we come in. 

Tile/Grout Cleaning

Over time, floor tiles in the office can start to look dull, dirty, and discolored due to being a higher traffice area. Dirt and other debris get trapped within the pores of tile and grout, which is tougher to remove with off-the-shelf cleaning products. Squeaky Services will restore your floors to their natural shine with professional cleaning methods. We are dedicated to a high standard of service when cleaning flooring tile, grout, or stone flooring.

Carpet Cleaning

With a business or commercial workplace being a high traffic area, vacuuming can only do so much. While it sucks out dust, food, and other debris, it can’t clean up spilled food and liquids and the stains they leave behind, leaving you with carpet that just doesn’t look clean. In addition, some debris is tougher to remove, so hidden allergens are still lurking and causing allergy symptoms for customers, employees, students, and others who occupy your commercial space.

Squeaky Services uses organic products, so there’s no need to worry about harmful chemicals. Steam cleaning will remove dirt, spots, and odor, making it healthier and cleaner.

Hardwood Cleaning

Want your hardwood floors looking brand new? Regular sweeping and spot cleaning won’t get into the grain to remove dirt and particles that can damage the wood. Depending on the type of flooring your business has, could determine how often your floors need to be cleaned. Only a professional hardwood cleaning team can remove dirt build-up and make your floors shine again. 

Other Services

For both residential and commercial buildings, we offer window washing, floor stripping and waxing, painting, and power washing to get your space back in shape.

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